FluenTen Language Academy

Mastering Your Dream Second Language

Are you interested in mastering a second language in 8 weeks? Well, FluenTen Language Academy is your gateway to mastering your dream second language. We offer; English as a Second Language, Sign Language, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, Swahili, Amarigna, Oromo, Tigrigna, Spanish with plans to include more languages in the future. You can attend FluenTen language classes from anywhere in the world via live webinars with language instructors who are certified language training experts. Each language class is organized by beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels, so everyone can learn at the comfort level they desire! In an affordable, 90-minute weekly webinar,   FluenTen employs language learning best practices to enable you to master the language of your choice.

Amarigna Basic Level

Starts Tuesday March 5 (8 Weeks)

Oromo Basic Level

Starts Thursday March 7 (8 Weeks)