Looking to advance your career but not sure where to start?

Interested in a change but lacking in experience?

ICATT partners with career seekers to enhance your employability through credentialed, employment-focused programs combined with individualized coaching and support to prepare you for your next career opportunity! With discounts and scholarships available, ICATT can help you take the next step.

Advance your Career with:

  • Certification Exam Prep / Cohort Study Groups

  • Portfolio Development

  • Informational Interview Career Assistance

  • Cohort Peer Support

  • Coaching Support

  • Professionalism Development

ICATT Career Academy Credentialed Training Programs

Each credentialed program represents an occupational field of study that leads to employment based on aptitude and interest. All programs are delivered virtually by qualified and specialized instructors and all training and instructional materials are included in the cost!

Break Down Barriers

ICATT has a unique capacity to meet you where you are through:

  • Individualized coaching
  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Portfolio and work sample development
  • Low-barrier training opportunities

Why Virtual Education?

  • Flexible

    ICATT has 27 years of experience working and training remotely. Our training services are available across the globe. Learn the skills needed to adapt to an increasingly remote workplace

  • Cost Effective

    Focus on learning without worrying about extra costs such as: Childcare, Transportation, Course materials

  • Accessible

    Available anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Inclusive for those with cultural barriers, disabilities, social anxiety, etc.