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    This section of the Resource Page offers articles and online resources to provide basic training in the topics listed above.

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    The Community Forum offers a Discussion Thread where job creators can learn from one another by sharing best practices, questions, and additional resources. This section will be expanded in the future to include more, topic-specific discussion threads.

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    Job creators can nominate resources to be added to this section for reference by all members of the community.

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    1. Welcome to the Strengthening Job Creators Resource Page

    2. Program Overview

    1. Getting Your Small Business Back to Normal in 2022

    2. Pivoting the Pandemic: Three Key Strategies for Small Business Survival

    3. How to Find Contracts (SBA)

    4. Marketing to the government (SBA)

    1. Discussion Thread

    1. SBA Business Guide

    2. Business Model Development

    1. Untitled survey

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