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    Here is a guide for the hands-on training process of writing a proposal.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to access GSA eBuy.

  • Access and utilize the Proposal Folder.

  • Discover the Proposal Templates.

  • Identify two types of proposals.

  • Learn how to develop and submit the first draft of a proposal.

  • Required information needed to do a proposal.

  • Discover a productive approach to creating and composing proposals.

Course curriculum

    1. Learning Objectives

    1. How to Access the GSA eBuy

    2. How to Access the GSA eBuy

    3. How to Access the GSA eBuy

    4. When you click the RFQ ID, the RFQ page will open. The following image shows the upper part of the RFQ page

    5. The bottom part of the RFQ page: downloadable Attachments - Download Requirement Documents

    6. What to do after downloading the attachments

    1. Example Proposal Folder

    1. Find A Template

    1. Start Developing the First Draft Proposal

    2. Sample First Draft Proposal

    3. Example: Information Needed to Create the Title Page

    4. Example: Information Needed to Create the Cover Letter

    5. The Following Image Shows the Title and Letter Pages

    6. Boilerplates to Include

    7. Log in to GSA EBUY and Check if there are Amendments

    8. Log in to GSA EBUY and Submit the Proposals in PDF Format

    1. Remember to update the proposal board using the RFQ information at each state of your work

    2. Proposal Board Example

    3. Proposal Board: Proposal Writing Checklist Tab

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