What to Expect

  • Understand the Project Management Process

    This course provides an overview of the entire project management process, including the project manager’s roles and responsibilities as well as best practices, emerging trends, and tailoring considerations to closely align resources with project goals

  • Become familiar working in project environments

    By the end of this course, you will have the foundation you need to join a project team and become comfortable working in project environments.

  • Learn more

    Go further with ICATT's #TrainingReImagined engagement activities!

Course Description

This #TrainingReImagined course combines publicly and freely available resources to create training by adding engagement activities and hands-on, real world practice you can add to your professional portfolio.

    1. Welcome

    1. Learning Objectives: Module 1

    2. How to access course content

    3. How to navigate the course

    4. Knowledge check: Module 1

    1. Learning Objectives: Module 2

    2. How to access course content

    3. Knowledge Check: Module 2

    1. Learning Objectives: Module 3

    2. How to access course content: Module 3

    3. Knowledge Check: Module 3

    1. Learning Objectives: Module 4

    2. How to access course content: Module 4

    3. Knowledge Check: Module 4

    1. Learning Objectives: Module 5

    2. How to access course content: Module 5

    3. Knowledge Check: Module 5

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