What to Expect

  • Why Create a Portfolio

    Learn why a portfolio is valuable in any career field.

  • Portfolio Exemplars

    Gain insights and inspiration from reviewing exemplary portfolios from a variety of professions.

  • How to Build and Maintain a Portfolio

    Receive practical instructions to help you get started on your own portfolio, using the platform of your choice.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    1. Article: Why You (Yes, You) Need a Professional Portfolio

    2. Video: Going the Extra Mile with a Portfolio

    3. Video: Who Should Have a Professional Portfolio? Everyone!

    4. Presentation: Your Professional Portfolio Tells Your Story in 3 Dimensions

    1. Learn by Example - Portfolio Review

    2. Online ISD portfolio: Indira Torrealba

    3. Online Software Engineer portfolio: David Worth

    4. Online UX Designer portfolio: Paul Schrynemakers

    5. Online SEO Specialist / Writer portfolio: Aja Frost

    1. Introduction

    2. 4 Steps to Creating a Professional Portfolio

    3. Video Tutorial: How to create a portfolio using Google Sites

    4. How to showcase different types of work (and what to do if you're new to the industry)

    1. Portfolio Checklist

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